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It’s now crunch time. We’re getting closer and closer to finally heading out on the adventure of a lifetime! I’m hoping to have a variety of design projects completed before I leave so once I arrive I can get out there and find the dream remote job I’m looking for! Today’s web design project focused on creating a responsive restaurant for a restaurant.

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Restaurant Web Design Project

Every restaurant needs a slick website! Modern responsive design can really help customers who are mainly viewing your website on their phone. The site I put together today is a straight forward four-page site. I went heavy on effects and transitions for this design. I really enjoy the look and feel of the final design. You can check out the finished project here.

The total project took about four hours. The final hour consisted of filling out the menu and I’ll need to come back to finish the full menu.

I will be updating this website project with the full menu, images for each menu category and google map location. I set a four-hour limit and unfortunately couldn’t get to these parts of the project by then. There are also some styling issues causing readability issues that I’d like to revisit when I have time.

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Restaurant Website Designs

Hope you like the site. If you’re interested in a similar site I’m available to create a website for your business. Contact me anytime!

More Project Ideas?

Tomorrow I’ll be fully focused on jQuery but would like to finish at least 4 more sites for my web design project portfolio before I leave for Thailand. Leave a comment if you have a site idea you’d like to see me tackle!

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