The Relax Beach Resort Review- Koh Phangan, Thailand

The Relax Beach Resort Koh Phangan Thailand

So you want to spend a month on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan but not sure where to start? I think I found a good low-cost option. The Relax Beach Resort located right on the main strip on the island. Here is my Relax Beach Resort review.

Sold budget travel bungalow

This review comes from a solo budget traveler. I was looking for the best price and location while still having access to certain things. After searching AirBnB’s website I finally ended up choosing a bungalow at The Relax Beach Resort.

My budget for the entire month of rent was $450. Airbnb has a great deal on many properties if you rent for the entire month. When you search for your room be sure to choose 30 days to get the reduced monthly rate. My bungalow at The Relax Beach Resort is normally about $37 a day. The monthly rate was just $457 after fees! It was literally 50% off! The price was right, let’s break down how it’s been so far.

beach work space relax beach resort
Come join me at work on the beach!


I was actually a little concerned during check-in. My host on AirBnB has only positive reviews so I was pretty confident check-in would go smoothly. It didn’t at first. The lady behind the counter didn’t know what Airbnb was. She was only used to check-ins with bookings. Luckily as soon as I pulled up the AirBnB reservation she recognized the host Cyrill and I was able to get checked in. Thanks, Cyril!

koh phangan beaches
Beach strolling in Koh Phangan

What’s the bungalow like?

My bungalow is one of the nicer rooms at the resort. There are many modest bungalows away from the beach. These look to have no AC and are for people on a very tight budget. Bungalow 6 (my home for now) is basically on the beach! It consists of one air-conditioned room with a connected external bathroom. The room is far from perfect but is a good deal for the price. The bed is comfortable but it makes some noise. The door to the bathroom is not really a door. It’s more of a sliding wood panel. It is bare-bones but more than adequate. A small fridge is supplied and a TV with 2 channels (lol). There is also only 1 electric outlet in the room and the fridge is using one of the plugs.

While it’s isn’t the most luxurious room it fits my needs perfectly. If you are looking for a posh bungalow look elsewhere. I prefer the cheaper yet still awesome option!

I’m sorry I don’t have any images of the inside yet. I emptied my luggage as soon as I arrived. I’ll add some on my end of the month review once I get organized.

The Relax Beach Resort Koh Phangan Thailand

What about critters in the rooms?

If you’ve ever spent time in SE Asia you will know that geckos and other animals might sneak in your room. I only saw one baby gecko so far and he actually went right out the window when I saved him too. No bugs in the room so far.

poolside at the relax beach resort koh phangan thailand
Poolside vibes

Relax Beach Amenities

Relax has a small pool. It’s clean and refreshing. There is plenty of room for you to sit out all day and work if you are doing the digital nomad thing. Wi-Fi is good so far. I might test it tonight and try and play some video games. There are a restaurant and bar but I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet. The beach is beautiful but if you are not used to some seaweed you might be disappointed. There is a kiteboarding place close-by. The beach stretches for a mile or so and will make for some great walks.

Final Review for Relax Beach Resort

I’m going to have to give this place thumbs up! I am loving the location and the vibe here. It is so peaceful and relaxing. I am able to work with no issues. Wi-Fi is great. The room is comfortable. The small complaints are nothing that I’m concerned with. The staff is amazing and very helpful! If you are a backpacker or here for the Full Moon Party this would be a great place to stay! If you’re interested in booking the room here is a direct link to it on Airbnb.

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