Social Media Certification

social media certification

I took a small break from coding yesterday to work on applying to jobs and to take a certification test for social media. I’ve been a self-taught social media manager so it was interesting to go through an official social media certification to see what I knew. I found the Hubspot Social Media Certification course to be quite enjoyable.

Hubspot Academy Certifications

Hubspot has many different courses that revolve around online marketing. I decided to start with their social media offering to see if their classes were worth the time. All the classes are free of charge. The social media certification class consisted of about 4 hours of video lectures. They are followed by several short 1-3 question quizzes. I found that listening at a speed of 150% helped me get through the class quickly. This particular class was not very technical so I felt there wasn’t a need to listen at normal speed.

Learning Social Media

The Social Media Certification will help you shape the conversation around your business, build loyalty, and attract new customers and partners. Building an effective social media 

Hubspot Social Media Certification Description

The class was a high-level overview of what a company’s social media strategy should encompass. The class does not go into deep details on what should be done to create and maintain your own personal strategy. You won’t find ideas on what platform is best for you or what content is best for your company in this class. You should look elsewhere if you need this info.

Who is this Certification for?

If you work or have clients that require an over-arching social media strategy this is a good course to start with. It can help you relay your social media strategies and ideas to the decision-makers in your company or your clients. The final test was quite easy and shouldn’t pose much of a problem to pass if you paid attention during the course.

Up Next: Hubspot SEO Course

I’m going to go through Hubspot’s SEO course sometime later this week. A certification in SEO would be nice to add to the resume as well. The rest of the day today is back to coding and backend on Udemy!

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