SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam and Certification: Is it worth it?

SEMrush seo toolkit exam

You can never have enough certifications on your resume! I powered through my first SEMrush course today. The SEMrush SEO toolkit exam consists of 23 questions that will test your knowledge of SEMrush tools used in SEO. Upon successful completion of the exam, a SEMrush for SEOs certificate will be issued.

Brush up on your SEO

The SEMrush Academy has a plethora of courses and exams that can test your expertise. Even if you’ve never used SEMrush and its tools I would suggest checking their videos and knowledge base out. I made it through just the first course and am learning quite a bit of new stuff.

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course

The course consists of 14 lessons and should take about 3 hours to complete. Pay attention and you can become a SEMrush power user and master your SEO. This course is an integral part of any SEO educational tract!

Certified SEO

The exam is 23 questions about the videos you watched. The questions were a little harder than Hubspot’s questions. In the end, I came away with the prize! My goal is to complete as many certifications as I can on the learning journey. I’m currently at 2 Google, 2 Hubspot and 1 SEMrush certification. No web design certifications yet.

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