Our New Homepage is Live!

onezen header

New Home, New Me

Today’s coding goal was to finish a first draft of the homepage to the main site OneZen.co. After a few hours, my end results can finally be found here – OneZen Homepage.

One Page, Sleek Design

The goal was a one-page design that could be a starting point for all my upcoming projects. Coding, SEO, social media, photography and video projects will soon be added on their own pages with more detail.

onezen header

Freelance For Hire

Now that the site is live and my LinkedIn is updated it’s now onto applying for basically every remote job I’m qualified for. In the meantime, I will be adding myself to fivver, Upwork, and many other freelance networks ASAP!

Tomorrow I’ll be adding the site to Google analytics and getting it’s SEO in order! I also have a meeting with my first potential client!

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