Coding Project: Color Games

Coding Project: RGB Color Game

Today I worked on a cool javascript game from my Web Developer course on Udemy. This latest coding project as a simple RGB color game. It is a short beginner javascript problem that can be solved with a few functions.

The Great RGB Color Game

codepen code snippet

The Project Goal

The goal was pretty straightforward. Create a game that picks 3 or 6 random colors and assigns them to a square. Then one is the goal color that you need to match. In the example image above the goal color is RGB(103, 232, 26 which is the bright green square. If you choose the wrong color the square will disappear and you can choose again until you pick the right color. You can find my live version of the coding project here…

Play The Great RGB Color Game

coding project live game version

After a few hours of coding, I have a finished product! For anyone looking to step up their beginner javascript or if you’re an expert this is a great project to try out. This is the first real javascript app I’ve built during my current coding Bootcamp and I’m quite happy with the results. Tomorrow’s class I begin to learn jQuery.

Show Me the Code

Are you interested in checking out the HTML, CSS and javascript files? You can check out my codepen here

Coding Projects for Don Stone on codepen

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