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About Me

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After seven amazing years working in SEO (search engine optimization) for a great company, I have been blessed with a chance to finally take on a lifelong dream of mine. My name is Don Stone and I'm currently traveling across South East Asia and learning to code. With the help of a few months of coding bootcamp, I should be starting my career as a digital nomad soon!

This site will serve as a home to my design portfolio and home to my freelance digital nomad business, OneZen media. OneZen will provide an extensive variety of freelance services including web design, social media marketing, content creation, 360 photography, and video services.

Web Design

Front-End Web Development, Design, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap

SEO and Social Media Management

Search Enginge Optimization, Link Building, Content Creation, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing and Mangement, Social Media Growth

Digital Photography

360 Degree Photography and Video. Photo Editing and Manipulation, Video Editing

My Portfolio

restaurant web design project
rgb javascript game
three six d world
jquery todo list
paperjs game

Get In Touch

  • Don Stone
  • Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • one.zen.media@gmail.com
  • 518.227.6323 (US)